Thursday, May 28, 2009

Iza Super Cool!

A little tribute I did based on one of Iza's character designs.
His style is so loose and pleasing to look at. Very creative
as well. Check out his blog:
Pure coolness!


TH3DEN said...

Hey Mike. Glad your back posting! :D I really like the dark sky experiments, would make for a cool book cover. I had the chance to meet Mr. Gagne last month at the launch of the Elemental Magic book. Really great guy and very humble. Lookin forward to more posts :D!

Mike Terry said...

Thank ya Rag. Yeah, been a while. Going through some stuff. But I've finally been able to get back to normal now that my strength is returning. Yep, dark sky was done "cover-like" in a way. It actually was a test for these new free brushes I downloaded. I really have no experience with Photoshop brushes or how to create brushes. So I'm just playin around. And Michel Gagne is cool guy. Kind of funny too.