Monday, June 1, 2009

Design Work

A friend of mine, Karen Piggins, create and sell her own soaps,
candles, oils, and a lot of other products(as a small business).
I made this in my spare time after seeing some of her products.
I took photos of a soap and oil my sister bought from her and
designed a booklet out of them. Karen liked them so much
she wants some made for her other products. And
she had me design labels. It was a fun & creative project.


Dan szilagyi said...

Thanks alot for stopping by and leaving a comment there Mike!

This is pretty cool work, i love your photoshop life drawing pose though, the forms and lines look great!

I've also seen and heard Michel Gagne when he came to visit at my film school in canada about 3 years ago, he's such a cool guy and his toys are amazing!

keep up the good work!


Mike Terry said...

Thanks Dan! As always I'm still seeking to improve my skills. And I should see Michel Gagne again at the Industry Giants 2009 this weekend, since it's literally down the street from me. Finally something I can go to! I plan on bringing my camera so I'll probably post pics later.

l e d o said...

Nice designs man. I hate doing graphic design but I like to look at it.
Nice design in your other works as well.

Mike Terry said...

Thanks Ledo! I love looking at graphic design from other artists as well. I just collect images from the internet & magazines and store them for inspiration.