Sunday, November 22, 2009



TH3DEN said...

Nice!! I love the post right below too Mike! I love seeing the evolution of every artist! :D Its very inspiring and motivating, your colors and epicness shine through even from very early on! That 3d stuff is crazy, you really did go all out in rendering those. :D

Running Up Hills said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks so much for the encouraging words that you left of my blog. Its a tough road but I know I can make it. Its my passion. Im an artist. It just seems like I cant get anyone to hire me or anything. I hear from everyone in the industry that I ask and they tell me that Im industry ready but I just cant seem to land a gig. I guess time and persistence will tell.

I do have projects for children's books and a few other things lined up for the next year. I figure, if they wont hire me, I will make my own work lol.

Your work is beautiful by the way. I love your vector stuff man, great design.

Mike Terry said...

Thanks Rag! I found all these old drawings from back in middle school/high school. It was interesting. The rendering was exhausting. All this technical crap and long render times. I'm just not a programmer.

Jeff-I know exactly how you feel. I've experienced the same thing. But so have a lot of artists too, I suppose. I do believe right timing and persistence is key. If you talk to artists who have made it in the industry, you'll hear similar words. Defiantly keep working on your projects. It's a good creative outlet.